Monday, June 10, 2013

A few notes about OSHA requirements:

  1. If you are using compressed air for cleaning purposes, the P.S.I. must be less than 30 to be OSHA compliant.
  2. Eye wash stations - each area in the wash where employees are exposed to injurious corrosive materials must have suitable facilities for drenching or flushing of eyes or body parts available.  To comply install an eye wash station and shower.  Also keep in mind that OSHA requires 15 minutes of continuous water to meet their guidelines.
  3. Circuit breakers must be marked to indicate their purpose.
  4. Employers must develop and implement lock out procedures for employees that are repairing, servicing and performing maintenance on the car washing machinery. This means that locks, tags, chains, wedges, key blocks, adapter pins, self locking fasteners or any other hardware needed for isolating, securing or locking machines or equipment from their energy sources must be provided by the employer .
OSHA Reminder - By December 2013 all employees must be trained on the new safety data sheets.