Friday, April 12, 2013

Carwash Driving Tips

It’s time to remind everyone that customers and employees face a huge risk every day from cars at and around the wash. The following are a few tips that may help mitigate the chances that someone will be injured or worst, killed!

Driver Training 101
Assign Driver Safety Manager
·         Have written Safety Procedures
·         Provide a Designated Driver Job Description
·         Routine Onsite Designated Driver Training
·         Regular Driver Safety Meetings
·         Exterior Wash Customer Driving Safety
·         Regular updates on vehicle technological changes 
Exterior wash customer driving Safety
Keep drying areas left or right of tunnel exit
Visual directional signage is VERY IMPORTANT!
Utilize whenever possible:
·         Stop & Go Lights
·         Directional Arrow
·         Signage directing customer’s to apply BRAKE before shifting and exiting the tunnel
·         Traffic Barriers
·         Train employees on how to use hand signals for guiding vehicles on the conveyor & pointing to instructional signage
·         Employee guiding cars on conveyor should wear reflective gloves
·         Employees walking on the property should  wear reflective vests
(this is particularly important at an express exterior model)
Full Serve Conveyor Exit area Safety
·         Keep towel drying areas left or right of tunnel exit
·         Establish designated pedestrian waiting areas
·         Establish safe pedestrian patterns 

Utilize the following:
·         Cones
·         Barriers
·         Bollards
·         Sand Barrels
·         Directional signage
·         Caution signs for pedestrian traffic
Moral of the Story
Driving at most washes is hazardous to employees and customers. Where there are vehicles, people walking, and locations that often have a tight turning radius, anything can happen!
Be Prepared.
Washing safely means bigger profits, healthy employees and happy customers! 
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