Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Accident Investigation 101 Final Chapter - Implementing Recommendations

 Up to this point, we have completed our investigation and reported our findings. I know that you are thinking this process is overwhelming, but once you put these steps in place it becomes just another one of your daily routines.

In this section we will look at making recommendations and implementing changes to prevent a similar incident from occurring again.

If you have not already established an accident investigation committee, this would be the time to do it.  This committee should be an extension of your safety meetings.  I recommend that you include various people from different positions in order to get a variety of perspectives.

Recommendations should be made to address all of the issues uncovered in your investigation.

Implementation can vary greatly in the degree of difficulty to get the recommendations executed.
It is up to the committee to present the facts of the accident in a clear and concise manner to individuals in the organization that has the authority to make the needed changes.

To enforce these changes from everyone's diligence and hard work in the investigation process depends entirely on the delivery, implementation and follow though.

The key to the success of implementation is ACCOUNTABILITY!