Tuesday, April 19, 2011


While performing a car wash safety inspection I noticed a sign on a vacuum, advising customers of the high risk associated with vacuuming hazardous material.

While this is a new one to me, it seems every few years there is a vacuum explosion at a car wash. How does this happen? Many customers are unaware how dangerous it is to vacuum hazardous waste, such as gasoline, out of their vehicle. The explosion occurs when a spark from the vacuum motor ignites the gasoline fumes.

Fortunately, the incidents I found were all limited to property damage, but certainly this could escalate to a bodily injury claim. Isn't it sad that often your insurance pays the loss when the customer is the cause? One of the best ways to prevent this is to post a sign (like the one shown below), advising them of the danger.

As is often the case with safety, with a small cost and minimal time, you can save yourself the potential headache an incident like this could cause you and your wash.

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