Thursday, February 5, 2015

Communication is Everything
I think most operators would agree that it's not a question  as to whether or not to have regular safety meetings  but rather, can you really afford not to.  Without a consistent  forum  to communicate  with your employees  the likelihood  of achieving  your desired goals  becomes  almost impossible .
The following are some considerations that may assist you in maximizing the results when you introduce safety and health meetings to your organization:
  • One of the most important  steps to begin this process is to find  a  leader that will accept a position  as the safety committee  chairperson . He or she should have the  proper background  and experience to engage your employees .
  • Keep your meetings short  and to the point .
  • Use visual aids  whenever possible.
  • Remember that the forum of the meeting should be geared as a discussion  not a lecture.
  • It is very important to have an agenda as well as a roll call for those attending.
  • Before setting  the meeting agenda, think about what " take away" messages you want  for the employees.
  • Often , employees do not want to be told what not to do but rather shown what the right thing to do is.
  • Keep your meetings as positive as possible.
  • Try to hold your meetings  in a comfortable setting.
  • If possible, allow attendees to present a topic and rotate them  from meeting to meeting .
  • Occasionally,  it may make sense to invite a consultant  or outside source  to attend a meeting
  • Take pictures or videos of people or processes that represent the way management wants it to look like. Pictures and videos at the site make it more personal than using generic photos etc.
  • Encourage questions. 
  • Try to end the meeting on a high note, for example complementing somebody on a procedure that was well done.
If you have regular safety meetings and incorporate these ideas, keep up the good work. If not, you need to start one today. To be effective, safety must be  perceived as important  as all the other messages management  deems critical  to the success of your operations .  The following links may help you structure a plan that you can make a permanate part of your safety or employee manual.

Safety Coordinator Responsibilities
Safety Committee Guidelines
Safety Committee Responsibilities
Safety Meeting Agenda
Safety Meeting Roll Call Sheet

Tell us what you do to make your meetings successful!

Remember, a safe wash protects people and profits!!