Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One death is too many!

Over the past 15 years I have administered the National Carwash Insurance Program. During that time I have experienced three death claims. Even though this is the most extreme consequence to the many hazardous operations at carwashes, it should impress upon us the importance of safety for both your customers and your employees.

We have to take that first step if there is any chance of providing a safe environment for all. This is the impetus for my blog. To get the word out to as many operators as possible that the time is now to be proactive and develop your own safety action plan.

At a recent meeting of over 150 operators I asked the question, "How many in this room have any kind of safety plan?" Less than 5 people raised their hand.

The intent of this blog is to offer you simple solutions to begin your 'Safety Management Program'. Let's get started.

Buy yourself a binder to collect your safety tips in. You can find these here on my blog or Professional Carwash & Detailing, ICA - Safety Resources, NRCC Claims Categories & Preventive Actions and CarWash College to name just a few.

Implement monthly safety meetings where you discuss these tips and hold trainings for your employees on best safety practices. I have created a few documents that will help you get started; Safety Meeting Agenda Sheet and Safety Meeting Roll Call Sheet . Helpful hint - use one of your newer employees to run the meeting.....wait let me explain. What I have found is that most often they have not had time to create bad habits and they often will pick up on things to that may be overlooked by your seasoned employees.

Do you have a safety tip that you would like to share?