Sunday, November 7, 2010

Winter Conditions Can Cause Serious Injuries!

Here are some tips and/or reminders to help prevent slips and falls during the winter months:

  1. Maintain Salt Logs at each location.
  2. Move garbage receptacles at self serve washes next to the bays to minimize customer walking exposure.
  3. Use signage to direct customers to walk on areas of the wash that are designed to accommodate pedestrian traffic.
  4. Be sure all underground heating is in good working order for both the bays and aprons around the wash.
  5. Check all gutters - are in good repair and directing runoff to areas of the wash devoid of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
  6. Whenever possible offer cover for areas where there are customer change and vending machines.
  7. Inspect bays daily for any ice build up.
  8. Check weeping systems - are they causing excess icing on the bay floors?
  9. Extra salting may be needed where over spray occurs.
  10. Be sure employees are wearing proper foot wear and clothing.
  11. Only use approved portable heating devices and position them away from combustible materials at all times.
  12. Identify areas of the wash where morning sun is prevalent whit shade in the afternoon. This scenario tends to create black ice and require more salting than other spots on the property.
  13. At the exit of the wash, inspect all areas where excess run off from the vehicles can create dangerous slipping exposures. Some samples are; vacuum stations, sidewalks, detailing and where the cars enter the public roads. If the distance from the exit to the road is short, you may want to consider rerouting to allow more time for the dripping water to drain. This way you can keep it under your control.
  14. Surveillance cameras are always a good idea to help prevent fraudulent cases.
  15. If a slip occurs, a photo of the area as well as documentation and maintenance logs are very important.
  16. All exterior ramps and stairs should have approved railings.

Feel free to add to the list with a comment.....And rembember a little extra effort could go a long way!